another status update

So, we’re on par for a status update a month. I’m OK with that. Version version 2.2 (major.board) is my daily watch now. It’s in pretty good shape, for a DIY watch. It’s not smart, not really, and that’s where I’ve got a ton of programming to do, still.

I’ve updated the ‘github’: with a bunch of changes. First, the latest gerbers are there; the board is now very different. The new accelerometer is a LSM9DS0 , in a weird little package that turns out to be footprint compatible with QFN-24, the same as my shift register. The shift register has an interrupt pin that can send an intterrupt from any of the other pins when they change, so I’ve hooked up that, as well. Interrupts for everyone! The updated software also has some minor updates to the watchface, which now shows the day and date, and the markers no longer overlap the hands. I have a really convoluted ruby script for generating all the data to draw those rectangles; I didn’t want to think about doing floating point math in the machine.

I’m thinking for the next version, I’m also going to reduce the battery size again. 500mah is nice, but thinner is also nice, and charging isn’t really a hardship. Also, right now, it lasts more than 6 days; more than two days is fine. I might need a 3d-printer, to make a waterproof case. Making millimeter-accurate bends in sheetmetal isn’t easy, but a 3d-printed case would be able to do that, and have grooves for o-ring seals.

Posted by Matt on 2014-10-08 01:17:44 +0000