gave a talk at magmaconf

Blogger’s note: I wrote this shortly after coming back from magmaconf, and then forgot about it. Oops.

This last week I’ve been in Mexico, giving a talk at Magmaconf . The conf was awesome. I genuinely enjoyed all the talks I saw, and was sorry to miss the ones that I was in the pool or at the beach for. There were two other hardware talks, and I got a lot of compliments on mine; The guys from Hybrid Group, especially Ron, got everyone hyped up about the hardware future, and then I came in later that morning and showed everyone how to get started making that future.

Here’s the genius of the conf: the pool/beach are really the hallway track, but with beers and relaxation. Sun, heat, cool off in a pool, wade into the ocean. You might be thinking “That sounds like a recipe for some harassment nightmare,” but no, they have a strict anti-harrasment code of conduct, posted right on the home page. Very cool, and AFAIK there were no issues.

Anyway, the v4 work continues apace. I assembled a rev0 board and discovered some errata. The footprint I made for the quartz crystal was wrong, and there was also schematic error. I had the wrong part number, and so was wiring the power regulator wrong. Rev1 is at the fabricators now, and it should be done maybe a week from friday? I also put up a github repo: mattmills/ourglass that has the schematics and code that I’m currently using. It’s missing all the older iterations, but that’s not a huge loss. Anyway, it’s 2am and I’ve been up far too long.

Also notable: After four revisions, I finally have a decent handle on version 4. I may do a fifth, but the fourth is working. The screen didn’t work for the first three, but that’s because I reversed the order of the pins on the screen connector part. Yr. hmbl-er blogger.

Posted by Matt on 2015-06-22 06:50:15 +0000